Len Addabbo

Over 40 years ago I was obese, unfit, and suffered from what is now generally referred to as irritable bowel disease.
Over 20 years ago I found the world of natural medicine, and now I assist my clients to reach their desired goals.

Hi, I’m Len and I am a Wellness Facilitator.
As a Wellness Facilitator I am a bit like Michelangelo, sculpting the perfect David out of raw material.Together we will formulate a strategy to take you from where you are now to where you want to be in the future.
As a Wellness Facilitator I empower you to achieve better health outcomes.
I’m like your own personal trainer. I can’t do the work for you but I can direct you to achieve your personal goals much more effectively than you could accomplish on your own.
You will feel stronger in both body and mind as both have been energised by this process.
We do this by Optimising Detoxification, Addressing Pain and Soft Tissue Injuries, and Accelerating Metabolism.
My greatest satisfaction derives from assisting you along your journey.

Early 90’s – Obtained  first formal qualification in massage therapies including relaxation, sports, remedial, pregnancy, trigger point and Thai massage therapies.

1996  – Studied acupuncture at the Open University in Sri Lanka whilst practicing in a hospital and clinic.

1998 – Went to Thailand to study Thai Massage at the WOT PHO Temple

2002 – Graduated from the Southern School of Natural Therapies with an Advanced Diploma in Traditional Chinese Medicine, which incorporates diplomas in Chinese Massage, Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine.

2005 – Obtained internationally recognised certificates in Homeotherapeutics and Biopuncture.

2017 – Obtained certification for the International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy

In order to ensure that my skills and knowledge remain up to date and to maintain my qualifications I attend various Professional Development Seminars throughout the year.    I bring my extensive skill set and knowledge base as well as my many years of experience to any treatment in order to ensure the optimal benefit for my client.  It is also a basic tenet of my practice that it is the person that I treat and not just the condition.

Kat Mackenzie

I experienced the benefits of massage from a young age, both on a physical and emotional level, in reducing pain, muscle tension and stress, while increasing well-being and healing. The awareness of this simple yet profound healing power of touch, and it’s associated benefits, led me on the path to becoming a Remedial Massage Therapist after graduating in 2017.
I grew up in a family that believed in prevention over cure and the healing power of nature. Shortly before I was born, my parents received a health scare which led them on a journey into nutrition, herbal medicine and massage – which was by no means as mainstream in the early 80’s as it is now. After discarding the deep-fryer for a more whole-foods based diet, nutritious meals became the norm. When unwell we were taken to an integrative doctor who prescribed traditional medicine before allopathic; namely Ayruvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine. I guess it’s no surprise my interest and passion in Holistic and Integrative Health and Well-being started at an early age and developed into a way of life and career that is is today.


I began studying Natural Medicine at Endeavour college after graduating high school. I became fascinated learning about holistic health and body’s innate ability to heal itself – the interconnectedness of the mind, body and spirit of the individual and the importance of taking all aspects into account for optimal healing. During my time at Endeavour I took the circuitous route, studying Nutrition and Mind Body Medicine, before graduating a Bachelor of Health Science in Herbal Medicine in 2011.
Complementing Remedial Massage, my repertoire of practice, study and interest includes Herbal Medicine, Nutrition and Food as Medicine, Yoga & stretching, Thai Massage and Mind Body Medicine.