Bioregulatory Medicines treat conditions by taking the body’s own natural autoregulatory systems (or homeostatic systems) into account in order to restore disease-induced disturbances, and this, while supporting the body back into regulation (health) without unwarranted side effects.
A world leader in Bioregulatory Medicine is Dr. Alta Smit of Biologische Heilmettel Heel GmbH, who prior to September 2011 presented her findings to the House of Lords. Dr. Alta Smit was able to show evidence that multiple targets in the diseases’ manifestation could be resolved by using multi combination of medicinal products without harm to the body. This is contrary to today’s reductionist view of treatment, where a drug is used to suppress symptoms of the disease which can result in the progression of the disease rather than its cure.
Dr Smit stated that the ideal treatment is therefore not to suppress but to support each phase of the disease resolution by allowing the body to heal naturally. This self-regulation is brought about by assisting at a cellular and matrix level by activating these pathways by clinical detoxification, alkalinisation, modulation and organ support, to name a few.
Dr Peter Fisher, Physician to Her Majesty The Queen and Clinical Director at the Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine commented: “Despite controversy, homeopathic medicine is growing in reputation and recognition amongst the public and clinicians. This is mainly due to its whole person healing effects and lack of the side effects associated with conventional pharmacological treatments especially when they involve polypharmacy.” find out more here

Therapies that may be integrated into a Bioregulatory Medicine protocol and used in this clinic are:

  • Homeotherapeutics
  • Biopuncture
  • Nutritionals.


Homeotherapeutics is a sophisticated form of homeopathy used by doctors in some European countries, in fact it’s the most prescribed form of natural medicine in Germany, which focuses on re-establishing the regulation of body rhythms and processes. This is contrary to the western medical approach which attempts to only remove symptoms. Homeotherapeutics not only alleviates symptoms but also allows the body to regain and restore normal important regulatory systems necessary for good health, now, and in the longer term.
Homeotherapeutic medicines don’t produce unwarranted after-effects. They are not habit-forming and can be used with conventional medicine and other natural medicines.


Biopuncture is a homeotherapeutic treatment where a specific homeopathic preparation is administered under the tongue and a saline solution is injected under the skin. This encourages healing and regulation. Three or more sessions of this non-toxic approach may be required before results are comparable to allopathic (western medicine) methods. Over 70 million Biopuncture treatments take place in Europe each year.


Nutritionals include vitamins, minerals, herbs, and supplements. These are a natural way to manage the intake of substances required for individual health via a dietary methodology. Our bodies are amazing in their ability to regulate and repair themselves but sometimes the substances our bodies require to perform these tasks can be lacking in the modern diet. Guided Nutritionals Treatments are an extremely effective way to promote good health and wellbeing by providing an individual with a tailored and specific nutritional plan to boost the bodies stocks of required substances. This ensures that the body has a good supply of the substances it might need to perform a specific task like repairing a deep tissue injury, reducing and maintaining blood pressure, dietary management of sugars etc.

With adequate nutritional support to boost overall health, reduce the risks of illness, reduce the impact of age-related conditions, and support healing during illness and disease. Your health can not only improve but can remain with you throughout your life, helping you to spend more time living as you should.