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How Infra-Red Sauna Therapy Can Benefit You

You likely already know that sweating is an excellent way to burn calories and rid your body of nasty toxins. However, how are you able to sweat when you are injured or not able to exercise?

For me, I’m all about sweating in an infrared sauna. These saunas help the body to get rid of toxins, for example, heavy metals such as lead and mercury, as well as environmental chemicals. They are not the only benefits. It’s also possible to lose weight, to relieve pain, to improve circulation, to relax and to cleanse your skin with the help of infrared sauna technology.

6 Great Benefits That Come With Infrared Sauna Therapy

  1. Detox

When we sweat we allow our body to naturally eliminate toxins, hence it’s an essential part of our detoxification. Comparing these saunas to Swedish saunas, you can hope to rid your body of toxins sevenfold.

  1. Relax

Relaxation is promoted when you are in an infrared sauna as it helps the body to balance cortisol levels, this is the main stress hormone in the body. The sauna also generates heat which can relax muscles and act to relieve tension in the body allowing you to start to de-stress.

  1. Pain Relief

Infrared saunas can be of much help to people suffering from muscle and joint pain as they increase circulation and relax muscles, great for this type of inflammation.

  1. Help To Lose Weight

Your core temperature will go up thanks to the heat which an infrared sauna produces; this can increase your heart rate – it is this same increase that happens when you exercise. If you force your body to work hard to bring down your core temperature or keep up with an increase in your heart rate it means the number of calories you burn will increase and burning more calories equals weight loss. According to the Journal of the American Medical Association in their article with the title, Effet of Sweating, spending half an hour in an infrared sauna could you see you burning around 600 calories.

  1. Better Circulation

The heat which your body experiences during an infrared sauna sessions causes your circulation to increase as well. Having consistent sessions, particularly in the middle-infrared level, can encourage blood flow, aid muscle recovery and help with inflammation and pain which is often experienced after a hard workout.

  1. Skin Purification

The skin can be purified by eliminating toxins from the pores and improving circulation when in an infrared sauna, this helps skin to look clearer, healthier and softer.

Infrared Levels

You can often avail of infrared sauna treatments at various levels: near, middle and far.

These levels show the various sizes in terms of infrared wavelengths and are associated with how intense the treatment is. Many people notice that:

  • near-infrared levels work best for healing wounds and improving how well the immune system functions.
  • middle-infrared levels work well for improving circulation and encouraging muscle relaxation.
  • far-infrared levels are mainly used for detoxification.


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