You are currently viewing MILD HYPERBARIC OXYGEN (The AirPod)


  • boost energy
  • improve cognitive function
  • fast track recovery & support your peak performance
  • reduce stress & deepen sleep cycle
  • reduce inflammation

Oxygen is critical for the health & repair of damaged cells in the body.

The AirPod uses mild pressure to improve the availability & delivery of oxygen throughout the body.

Come dressed in loose clothing. While lying down in the sealed unit it will slowly pressurise for around 5mins until a predetermined Atmospheric Pressure is reached.

During this time you only need to clear your ears to help adjust to the higher pressure. The steady flow of compressed, filtered air keeps the AirPod comfortable, giving you a relaxing meditative experience.

Find out more about the benefits of Hyperbaric oxygen therapy


Pre COVID…………$100 for 60mins

Until 2021………....$70 for 60mins, or $90 for 90mins

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